The Loxo Panel System is an exterior wall cladding system that provides lightweight, high-quality and highly durable cladding solutions perfectly suited to the needs of both residential and commercial buildings.

The Loxo Panel System is used to clad exterior walls of residential and light commercial buildings.

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The individual panels are based on 50mm thick lightweight autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), an environmentally-friendly material that weighs far less than standard concrete. The panels are reinforced with vertical and horizontal corrosion-protected steel and have exceptional performance in impact and fire resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation, increasing the safety and longevity of your building.

Performance and Characteristics

Loxo AAC Panels perform well in impact and fire resistance, are pest resistant, will not rot, and have great insulation characteristics for both sound and heat. With temperature fluctuations in buildings occurring closest to the exterior walls and, unlike most conventional cladding solutions, Loxo Panels are installed in the perfect location to take advantage of their insulation qualities and reduce your ongoing energy costs.


Loxo AAC Panels have been independently assesed for enviromental performance, so you can be sure that you are using a product that is very eco-friendly. The AAC material used in Loxo Panels is produced efficiently with no pollutants and results in minimal waste with simple disposal solutions. Products based on AAC have been produced for more than 80 years with processes continually improving to reduce environmental impact, thus earning Loxo the GES International ISO 14024 certificate. A genuine assessment for a genuine product.


The Loxo Cladding System is easy to install only requiring semi skilled labour. Although Loxo can provide you with the services of fully qualified and approved installers, further savings can be gained by becoming an approved installer for your own project (refer to the Loxo Approved Installer Agreements on the Loxo website). The system is simple enough for owner builders or site carpenters to install without voiding the warrenty for the product or installation, a real cost saving benifit provided by the Loxo Cladding Systems.


Loxo® Panels and associated materials, when installed as exterior wall cladding, are warranted for a minimum of 15 years (from date of purchase), meeting the 7 year requirements outlined in the BCA and the relevant Australian Standards. The Loxo® products are designed to have a life span significantly in excess of this minimum period. The Loxo® Approved Coating Systems are warranted by the coating system manufacturers for a period of 7 years (from date of completion) meeting the 7 year requirements outlined in the BCA and the relevant Australian Standards. The Loxo® Approved Coating products are designed to have a life span significantly in excess of this minimum period.



Loxo® Autoclaved Aerated Concrete products are guaranteed to be free of defect in material and manufacture. The Loxo® Approved Coating products are guaranteed by the coating manufacturers, for weatherproofing against peeling, flaking, cracking or deterioration, provided the system has been properly maintained and subjected to normal conditions of exposure. The Coating Manufacturers guarantee applies only where all material components of the Loxo® Approved Coating System have been prepared and installed in accordance with their written instructions and technical specifications. Installation workmanship and coating application work is guaranteed by the approved installer / applicator personnel who perform this work. Substitution of the Loxo® Panel System and Loxo® Approved Coating System components is not permissible and if alternative brands, materials or elements are used, this will void all guarantees. This guarantee excludes all other guarantees and liability for consequential damage or losses in connection with defective cladding, other than those imposed by legislation.



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Watch the short video above to find out more about the Loxo Panels system and its installation, and see just how simple and easy it is to use our high-quality product.


Loxo® & Nasahi in Australia


Nasahi have signed an exclusive agreement within the territory of Australia for Loxo® to be the sole distributor of Nasahi's 50mm AAC Loxo® panel. Nasahi was formed via a joint venture between the world leader in AAC technology (Japan) and the world leader in low cost, efficient manufacturing (China), the result being a high quality, technologically advanced, low cost AAC Building Materials Manufacturer. With a total investment exceeding $45,000,000 USD Nasahi are one of the largest AAC manufactures in the world and are renowned worldwide for their quality manufacturing practices. Loxo® has adopted Nasahi's high quality 50 mm AAC products and created a simple and robust external cladding system ideally suited for the Australian and New Zealand building markets.