Loxo Panels: a high-tech, high-quality exterior cladding system

We specialise in exterior cladding solutions with the Loxo Panels System. Loxo Panels are strong and lightweight, and provide superior quality, insulation, and a superior lifespan with Loxo Approved Coating Systems. Loxo enables you the choice to choose from a large range of reputable coating Suppliers.

Find out more about AAC panels system and discover why you should choose AAC Panels for your next building project.

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Product Specifications

Loxo Panels are simple to install, eco friendly, and have minimal on-site waste product.

Download our product brochure, view our technical specifications documents and product appraisals, and download the Loxo Panels technical manual for product installation details and specifications.

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See it in action

A high-tech, high-quality AAC exterior cladding system for residential and commercial uses.

Watch the short clip above to find out about the Loxo Panels system and its installation.
Browse our gallery to see some finished buildings that utilise the Loxo Panels exterior cladding system.

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AAC exterior cladding system for residential and commercial use.
Download brochures, technical manuals and specifications, and product appraisals.
See our installations in the gallery and watch the installation video.
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Loxo AAC lightweight concrete panels represent the future of exterior cladding for both residential & commercial construction. Together with your choice of Loxo Approved coating supplier we provide you with the best cladding system for your new building or renovation project.

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Coatings are an important element to the Loxo Cladding system, both structurally and aesthetically, as a result there is a minimum coating specification our coating partners must achieve in order to be approved coating partner.

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Loxo Cladding Systems – solves all your Fire Rating and Bushfire Zone Requirements.

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