Download Product Information

The links below allow you to download product information and specifications documents in PDF format.

For more information about the Loxo Cladding products and systems simply click on any of the links listed below to download the file. The information here shows some of the more technical aspects of the Loxo system and is particularly useful for architects, designers and builders.


Design and Installation Manual
Loxo Performance Specifications
CodeMark Certificate
CSIRO Fire Certificate
CSIRO Fire Assessment Summary
Thermal Certificate
Acoustics Certificate
Environmental Certificate
Loxo Brochure

Download Drawing Files

Loxo® Technical Details as a DWG file*
Loxo® Technical Details as a PDF file

Loxo® Approved Coating System

Loxo Approved Coating Specification

Loxo® MSDS's

Loxo® 50mm AAC Panel
Loxo® Adhesive
Loxo® Corrosion Protection Paint



Loxo® Installation Compliance Certificate

Loxo® Pre-Cladding Check List

Loxo® Technical Notes Boundary Wall and Party Wall 50mm

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Watch the video

Watch the short video above to find out more about the Loxo Panels system and its installation, and see just how simple and easy it is to use our high-quality product.